I encounter freelance writing plagiarism daily on the Internet; and surprisingly, I encounter student plagiarism weekly in my classroom. It’s quite alarming that so many writers do not understand the definition: writing that contains someone else’s words or ideas, rewritten or copied verbatim, as your own. Simply put, plagiarism is the absence of credit to a person whose thoughts, ideas, or words are presented as your own.

Many SEO freelance writers believe that plagiarism is copying another writer or copywriter ‘s article, or perhaps a minor offense would be copying a paragraph. No, it’s not that. Plagiarism is the act of copying or REWRITING someone else’s words or ideas and not giving credit to that person—called CITING.

Many SEO copywriters say that paraphrasing relinquishes their obligation to cite another’s work—it does NOT. Paraphrasing without citation is plagiarism. It’s that simple.