Publishing Your Articles

If you're interested in publishing your articles on the Web or in print, there are certain rules you must follow. Even if your articles sound interesting and marketable, publishing them will be impossible if you make spelling or grammar errors or your facts are not accurate.

An accomplished editor knows her or his subject area well and can often tell, even before the fact checkers start their work, that your facts are probably not provable. While editors might overlook one typo any more than that will indicate that you didn't take the time to go back and check your work - or, better yet, have someone else check it. Article publishing requires writing talent, an eye for marketability, but it also requires diligence and careful research.

Whether your desire is publishing your article in print, on the Web or in business marketing pieces, the rules you must follow to reach success are nearly the same.

The first hard and fast rule for successful article publishing is to familiarize yourself with the publication or site to which you are going to submit your query, article or proposal. Read at least two back issues so that you know that types of topics and style the publication publishes. That doesn't mean that you just follow the already-published article writing crowd. Find a new idea, with current statistics and facts, and examples in real life, but an idea that is in line with what the publication generally focuses on.

Without specific examples your article will be boring and publishing it will prove impossible. If, for example, you are writing an article about overcoming a fear of water and learning to swim as an adult, use one or two examples of real people that did it, with quotes from them about how they learned to overcome their fear and start swimming.

Discover your area or areas of expertise and write about these subjects. Everyone has at least one area of expertise, whether it's saving stray animals, or painting or advanced mathematical functions. Share some of that expertise with the general public or with a select few who are interested in knowing more.

While you may yearn to have your complete byline and resource information included in an article, publishing that may not be in keeping with a publication's style. Don't insist!

Today's article is written by guest author Peter Morgan.

About the Author: Peter Morgan is the CEO of JV Members - a new article writing and marketing system, which enables you to earn money online through writing and publishing short articles.